Many Organizations, in spite of being Data-Driven, customer-centric, and led by visionaries - a BIG amount of DATA remains untouched due to lack of holistic view, expert guidance, right support, or, is either not recorded (goes unnoticed), or is indecipherable, or, could lose it's value with passing of time!


Reasons for lack of historical data may be justified by challenges at source, but, it makes Organizations drop dead on their way to Predictive Analytics and creating "What-If-Scenarios" that affect the bottom-line and impact market place quickly.


Send us a Sample of your Data and we will deploy the Right Solution from our Repository, or - create one, that's just right for you! We would also recommend course corrections that will impact your Bottom Line positively.



Our Data Scientist not only has a PhD in Math, but also has over a decade of expertise in Discovery Life-Cycle of Data Science and brings the data alive across Agri-Tech, Healthcare, Pharma, Retail, & Logistics.

Our Team includes SMEs, Technical Advisers, Big Data Architect, Data Integration Specialists, Big Data Engineers, Data-warehouse Specialists, Jr. Data Scientists, Business Analysts, Research Scholars and passionate Team Members.

Empiezo is also a Core Member for Analytics at Laghu Udyog Bharati (The largest MSE Industry Networks in India, with branches in every State, and Members in each of 725 Districts of India.

Empiezo is a women owned & women-led Start-up established in 2016.
While delivering the right insights, to the right person at real time is Empiezo's motto.Empiezo provides transformative insights about your business and your customers that can help you identify new revenue streams, improve customer experiences and reduce costs. To collaborate with various reputed organizations and empower the craving pulse of acquiring knowledge on latest scientific-technological advancements
Our mission to make Empiezo a part of these organizations to ignite the power houses of research and innovation by industry collaborative knowledge-sharing programs as well as business value driving force mechanism. Aspirants in scientific-techno integrated zone can take-away the insights from this interaction, right from the scientific fundamentals to the technological advancements and the evolving data-science driven solutions towards the Data driven approaches to help manufacturers to get business value. Moving hand in hand along with the advanced technological world, Empiezo's mission is to compete with the quality, time and cost in rendering optimized solutions to the clients as they do believe in
Our Associates belong to esteemed Institutions such as Vellore Institute of Technology, Manipal Institute of Technology etc. We are also training next generation of Data Scientists via Internships and have approached VCs of Jawahar Lal Nehru Technological University (JNTU), Andhra University (AU), Punjab University (PU), GITAM (Hyderabad), Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology (MGIT), IIIT (Kerala), Nagarjuna Univeristy (NU), Panimalar Institute of Technology (PIT), Punjab Univeristy (PBI)


  • Deep Domain Knowledge
  • End-to-End BIG Data Services
  • 88-92% accuracy of imputed data
  • Huge Repository of Proven Out-of-The-Box Solutions
  • Experience of processing ~400 Terabytes of data riddled with challenges
  • Churned 60 years of historic data spanning multiple countries & continents to discover solutions
  • Processed Data & Documents of all types (including thousands of XL Spreadsheets and 15 years of GIS data).



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Posted on May 21, 2019

Big Data Analytics, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Migration, Automation services across Agritech, BioTechnology, Healthcare, Logistics, Pharmaceuticals, and Retail.

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